Sarna Baseball Spike and Sneaker Cleaner

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The Sarna Baseball® cleat cleaner is designed to make sure your shoes and spikes are looking clean and last longer. Even ball players need to keep their equipment in good condition, especially playing out on dirt fields. Our cleat cleaner will do just that.

  • Safely, and effectively clean your footwear
  • Restore shine to dirty, worn shoes and sneakers
  • Remove dirt, grime and other unwanted surface marks

We designed our cleaner with quality in mind. We chose nothing but the best, safest materials to help keep your equipment looking great. Maintain your gear with a formula that is safe for you and your family.


"SARNA Baseball’s Spike and Sneaker Cleaner is by far the best cleaning product we have found on the market! It goes well beyond its name of Spike and Cleat Cleaner and is used in our locker room daily to clean not only shoes but any type of equipment from batting helmets to catcher gear. It gives each item a clean revived look while also leaving a fresh scent with every use.”

- OU Baseball

Customer Reviews

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Randy Dunnett
Great product

Being a sneaker head, as well as a baseball player with a lot of top shelf equipment, I always clean and maintain my shoes and gear. Years ago I worked in the shoe room in the men’s locker room at Olympia Fields CC, where my job was…cleaning golf shoes (crazy).

After using Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner to clean my baseball cleats, and sneaker collection, for over 20 years I’ve come to favor Sarna’s Sneaker Cleaner over the last year. It’s very easy to work with, and it does a very good job on scrapes and scuffs that are difficult to clean or remove on all textures and materials.

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