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Sneaker Care 101 - Perfect Your Collection

If you are like us, you probably have a collection of sneakers. And like us, you want to maintain that collection so it's just right. Well, with over 125 years of experience in the shoe care industry, we've compiled a list on some of our favorite tips. 
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Tip Top Shoe Care Tips - Questions and Answers

Want to know how to keep your shoes looking their very best? As one of the leading brands of Shoe Care, we have plenty of suggestions and advice on how to properly care for your footwear and keep them in tip-top shape. Check out the top questions with professional answers to help you on your way through the shoe care journey.
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How to Care for Leather Boots in Winter - 5 Simple and Easy Tips

Leather boots are a necessary investment. They have so many uses and can come in handy in many scenarios. To protect this sometimes expensive investment, you need to take the proper care steps. Cleaning, moisturizing and waterproofing are all simple and easy tasks that ensure your boots stay healthy in the winters. These steps are necessary to ensure your footwear lasts and stays healthy for years to come.
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