Tip Top Shoe Care Tips - Questions and Answers

Tip Top Shoe Care Tips - Questions and Answers

Want to know how to keep your shoes looking their very best? As one of the leading brands of Shoe Care, we have plenty of suggestions and advice on how to properly care for your footwear and keep them in tip-top shape.

How can I repair shoes damaged by salt?

A few times a year, you should clean your leather shoes with our Griffin Shoe Care® Saddle Soap before polishing. This intro-step allows the polish to better condition and repair salt-damaged shoes. Afterwards, use Griffin Shoe Care® polish and protectors to keep your shoes in the best condition.

Can my shoes get shinier after polishing?

After polishing, let your shoes dry and buff with one of our Griffin Shoe Care® Shine Cloths to add the extra step of shine and brilliance.

What's the best way to clean suede?

To treat your suede and nubuck shoes delicately, use the right tools and techniques outlined below:

Always do a small patch test to check for color fastness.

Gently brush away loose dirt, first.

Apply Griffin Shoe Care® Suede Cleaner as directed, brushing down towards the sole.

How can I prevent blisters from shoes?

Comfortable shoes start with a proper fit. While obviously ensuring you have the right sizes, you can add cushioning to your shoes to reduce rubbing with Griffin Shoe Care® Insoles. If you're looking for arch support, our Griffin Shoe Care® Lady Griffin Foot Cushions fit the bill.

What's the best way to dry wet shoes?

When your leather shoes get wet from the rain or snow, never put them on the heater. Instead, stuff your shoes with newspaper to absorb the excess moisture and let dry. Afterward, use Griffin Shoe Care® polish and protectors to keep your shoes safe from the elements.

How can I touch up shoes while in a hurry?

On the go or last minute shoe emergency? Griffin Shoe Care® Easy Shine Sponge provides a quick, easy and effortless clean and polish to look  your best.

Why is salt so bad for shoes? 

Salt, snow and water and wear our leather prematurely. If left untreated, it can discolor and weaken the finish of your shoes. A thin layer of wax polish between the leather and elements could be the difference between an easy cleaning and a costly shoe repair. Always use Griffin Shoe Care® polish and protectors to keep your shoes safe from the elements.

How can I get rid of light scuff marks?

Even light scuff marks can diminish a well groomed, polished look. Gently wipe leather shoes with a damp cloth and let air dry. Next, apply Griffin Shoe Care® Scuff Cover and buff lightly. Depending on the severity of the damage additional applications may be required.

How to clean my sneakers and white shoes?

White shoes and sneakers only stay stylish as long as they are clean. Make sure they stay that way with Griffin Shoe Care® Fresh Kicks Sneaker Cleaner. For leather, canvas, suede, mesh and nylon shoes, use it to gently scrub away dirt, salt stains and other unwanted blemishes. Afterwards, be sure to keep them protected using the Griffin Shoe Care® Fresh Kicks Water and Stain Repellent.

Hopefully you found the above outline useful in your shoe care journey. If we've missed something that you need answered, always feel free to Contact Us and have one of our specialists can assist you!

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