The Benefits of Cleaning Your Sneakers

The benefits of cleaning your sneakers

I think that we can all agree that cleaning your sneakers is essential to keeping them new and fresh. Although looks and appearances are an important deciding factor, we often forget about the other added benefits of keeping our sneakers clean. Cleaning our favorite kicks can rid them of odors, prolong their life, and can save you money overtime. 

Get Rid of Unwanted Odors

Are you tired of that awful smell coming from the inside of your sneakers? That smell is actually caused by a buildup of bacteria that emit an awful odor. Between the sweat coming off of your foot, and the warmth it generates, your shoe becomes the perfect environment for growing bacteria. The only way to rid yourself of these odors is to give your sneaker a good cleaning. Sneaker cleaner formulas can greatly improve your situation, or professional shoe cleaning services work as well.

Prolong Shoe Life

There's a good chance you've invested a lot of time, money and effort into selecting your sneakers. Why let that go to waste by not prolonging the life of your favorite pairs?

Eventually, the glue and materials that go into making a shoe break down and degrade. However, all of the dirt, grime and other build up can increase the speed at which these materials fall apart. The more you keep up with a regular cleaning schedule, the less of a chance these build ups have at ruining your shoes.

All of this is especially true when it comes to stains. If you have stains on your sneakers, you will want to get them out as soon as possible. The longer a stain sits on the surface of your shoe, the further it can settle into the material it is on.

Save Time and Money

Obviously, a good pair of sneaker is not cheap. The longer you are able to keep them in good working the condition, the less money you will spend over time. Cleaning is a small price to pay compared to the cost of buying a new pair of kicks. 

Investing in a good sneaker cleaner or shoe cleaner kit could cost you somewhere between $15-$40, depending on what is included. Considering you can use this multiple times and on multiple pairs of shoes, this is a great choice compared to the $150-$200 for a new pair.

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