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Griffin Shoe Care® Fresh Kicks

The ultimate sneaker cleaner and protector.

Premium Sneaker Care

The Griffin Shoe Care® Fresh Kicks line is designed for sneaker heads to keep their collections in pristine condition. Whether you need to remove imperfections or prevent them, we have you covered. 

All Griffin Shoe Care® Fresh Kicks products are made in the USA.

Sneaker Cleaners

Fresh Kicks Sneaker Cleaner Kit


All-in-One Cleaner

Our premium grade cleaner works great with all washable materials such as leather, canvas, mesh, suede, cloth and more!

Foaming Cleanser

Fresh Kicks is designed to be foaming at application. Gently scrub the cleaner with a shoe brush to move it deeper into the material and watch dirt be removed.

Premium Formula

Our trade secret formula is clear with no added color dye. The added mint scent rids the sneakers (Nike, Jordans, Vans, etc.) of odors.

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White Sneaker Restoration


"This product I highly recommend if you are looking to get your sneakers back to brand new!! I never thought I would see my white shoes again until I used this product!"

- Loyal Customer (Alexi)

Fresh Kicks Sneaker Cleaner


Remove Shoe Smells

Fresh Kicks signature mint scent will leave your sneakers smelling great. Rid your favorite pairs of unwanted smells and odors.

Bring Sneakers to Life

Our safe, non-toxic formula will help restore your kicks to their new, premium condition. Bring them back to life and let them shine.

Safe and Effective

Fresh Kicks was designed with the highest quality ingredients. We will remove dirt and stains without damaging the shoes surface.

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Sneaker Protectors

Fresh Kicks Water and Stain Repellent


Water Protection

Fresh Kicks will make sure your shoes and sneakers are safe in the wet and rain. We form an invisible protective layer to keep the stains out.

No Added Dye

Our protectant spray will not alter the color of your products, nor will it leave any sticky or gummy residue.

Premium Repellent Spray

The easy to use sprayer allows for simple application to the surface of your products. Great for many different items including shoes, boots, flats, sneakers and more!

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