Leather Care Tips and Essentials

Leather Care Tips and Essentials

Key Tips To Make Your Leathers Last

It's no real secret that a brand new pair of luxurious leather shoes can make you feel on top of the world. However, buying leather products is an investment. Some can cost multitudes of dollars, and we need to protect our investment by treating them properly. Here are some key principles and tips to help keep your leathers strong and beautiful. 

1. Occasionally wipe down with a damp (not wet) cloth

Leather, like other items, naturally accumulates dust, debris, dirt and grime that can be abrasive to the surface. This means, over time, your leather will be worn down and scratched. Wipe down your leather weekly to keep it clean and shiny while also preventing premature aging.

For a better clean, it is a good idea to invest in leather cleaning wipes. These formulas are specially designed to clean your leather as gently as possible, while keeping them hydrated. They do a much better job than a damp cloth, and will preserve your goods even further.

2. Keep out of the sun

Leather likes to be kept in the shade. Long sun exposure can cause your leather to dry out and ultimately leads to stretching, cracking and dullness. Help your items stay hydrated and happy by keeping it in the shade.

If you find that your older items have been drying out, we recommend investing in a leather conditioner. They cost much, much less than replacing your favorite items and can be used to restore older goods! 

3. Don't pack too tightly

Leather, by nature, is a stretchy material. Unfortunately, once stretched, they do not like to bounce back to their original size easily. This, of course, depends on how thick the leather hide was to begin with. To avoid headaches, simply don't over-stuff or over-pack. 

If you find that some of your items have been stretched, maintain good leather care practices to ensure the best possible condition for restoration.

4. Invest in leather treatments

Maintaining good leather care principles can be a relatively cheap process. It is a good idea to invest in some leather treatment products to help preserve your items. You don't need to get fancy here. Stick to the basic leather care products, such as the following:

Follow a good regimen with the above once or twice a year for optimal results. This will ensure your newer items stay new, and your older ones are restored. 


Buying leather items is an investment. Like any other investment, you want to protect it to the best of your ability. Maintaining a good leather care regimen is essential to ensuring your items stay fresh and beautiful. Investing in leather treatment products helps along the way to keep everything happy and healthy.

We hope you enjoyed these tips! Cheers to healthy leather.

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